'I'm a Villain' short film
Bjorn and I am currently working on our short film with the villain Swiftsweet, to find out more follow us on  BlueberryMation

'The Phone Call'
Here is our latest animation render of Casandra 'the alternate character we created for testing purposes'. This is both an animation test, but also a technical test to find the best solutions for rendering subsurface, hair etc. This test gave us a good idea of how to approach our short film from a technical perspective.
Animator: MyselfCG: Bjorn Blaabjerg 
Voice actress: Amber Vitek
Follow us - BlueberryMation

'It's really me'
Bjorn Blaabjerg and I have been working on this little test for a bigger upcoming project. I had a lot of fun working with the character Captain Fusion, especially trying to shoot reference for the animation. Feel free to leave feedback about what can be improved for his upcoming adventure.

'The Argument'
Here is a little project that Bjorn Blaabjerg and I have been working on in our spare time over these past few weeks rendered in Pixars Renderman. Not much time to work with after coming home from job, but we have finally come to a result that we like. I animated the character, modeled and textured the clothing. Bjorn modeled, rigged, groomed, simulated 'cloth and hair', lit, textured, shaded and rendered the character.

Tsunami is my bachelor film I made together with a group of 7, during my third year at The Animation Workshop. You can see more information on this site:
During the project I contributed with the roles: storyboard lead and animation lead.

'Jeg er din'
See the film here:
A short film made by Claudia A. Bille Stræde (Den Danske Filmskole). I help animate it during my studies at The Animation Workshop. It was a collaboration between The Danish Film school and The Animation Workshop. Below you can see video of the work that I did on the short film.

'Brighter Together'
Brighter together is a commercial film made for Roskilde Festival. I worked together with a team of 7 during my 2nd year at The Animation Workshop.
I was Lead Animator on the project.
Sofware: Maya

'Bottle Rocket'
Bottle Rocket is a short film I also made together with a team, during my 2nd year at The animation Workshop. The idea was to create a trailer upon a given film and we had the freedom to do almost what ever as long as we kept the essens of the film.
I was Lead Animator on the project.
Software: Maya

'Der Vogle'
Der Vogel is a short 'short' Film I made during my 1st year at The Animation Workshop. I made it with a team of 3 animators and 3 computer graphic artists. My role was Lead Animator and character design of the Princes.
Software: TVPaint